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Triox Nano expects to deliver TXN770 as its first disruptive cancer treatment technology. This means that TXN770 may sequentially be used as a neoadjuvant (before the surgery) treatment on the following cases:

(1) Early stages of TNBC, including prior to the patient having surgery and the cases where there is a solid tumour without distant metastases[1].

(2) patients with early-stage breast cancer who have a high risk of distant disease recurrence and death, despite use of local and systemic adjuvant therapy.

(3) General oncology where a clinical benefit may exist.

(4) Adjuvant (after surgery) treatment approval will follow TXN770's acceptance as neoadjuvant treatment in High-risk breast cancer patients

Our goal is to be treating nearly 23,000 patients/year by 2025 (more than 10% of new TNBC cases/year). This project will also allow us to gain the financial resources to progress our pipeline, expanding TXN770’s indications within the oncology arena (for example Colon cancer where high Mg/ATP levels are seen

Finally, S.M.A.R.T also shows great promise on the area of Theranostics, an integrated nanotherapeutic system which can diagnose, deliver targeted therapy and monitor the response to therapy, all at once[2]. As the pores of our nanoparticles could also be loaded with different "coloring agents". These can include contrast materials such as iodine (for enhanced CT scans), Methylene Blue (to assist surgeons in locating the tumours), Gadolinium (MRI), Isotopes (such as Tc for the treatment of Prostate cancer) and combination contrast material such as gold atoms directed to tumours and further treated with RF (Radio Frequency).

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